About Us

At Zawack, everybody is valued, this is why employees are our collaborators, our users are our partners because without them, we’re nothing.

The privately held company was founded in 2005 at L’Orignal ON. Canada by Guillaume G. Soucy who is also the company CEO.

Years later, still headquartered there, we do still have the same passion for IT and it is even stronger!

The company is based on these values:

Respect: Everybody at any level deserve respect: collaborators, partners, providers, etc. are all subject to this.

Engagement: A good example of that is if our collaborators need to stay after their time, to fix a defective piece of equipment or just to assist one of our partner, they will do it with pleasure.

Authenticity: We’ve committed providing information to our collaborators and partner as is, without any kind of alteration. Nobody like getting erroneous information.

Innovation: We’re open to new ideas, concept, way to do. To be able going forward, all together we’ve must be open of mind.

Quality: Being in the business for years now, we know a successful company is distinguishable by the quality of their products and services offering but additionally, its also a question of approach. All depending of the approach. Having the right approach make the difference!

Let’s partner together and have things moving forward.

Zawack Corp. — Inspired Innovation.